About us

Established in 2001, Georgia Metals has emerged as the premier metal roofing and steel building manufacturer in the southeast. Born out of a family-owned hardware store, the company came to understand the importance of high-quality material, competitive pricing and a commitment to relentless service as a means to differentiate itself within the building materials and roofing industry. A decade later, we began replicating those same principles in two more strategic locations in Georgia.

In 2022, Georgia Metals began an ambitious acquisition plan. We identified like-minded metal roofing manufacturers in adjacent geographical markets and began bringing them into the Georgia Metals family. We currently operate manufacturing facilities in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio and Illinois.

As we continue this journey, our goal is not to be the biggest, but the very best service provider, competing on the same pillars of quality, competitive pricing and unparalleled service that earned us success over twenty years ago.

With multiple locations, we service all of Georgia, North Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Eastern Alabama, Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio and Illinois.

John Sewall
Chief Executive Officer

Byron J. Lee
Chief Operations Officer

Patrick Rutherford
Chief Financial Officer

Pat Brown
North Region Vice President

Jeremy A. Patat
Director of Sales and Marketing

Robert G. "Tripp" Strickland III
Vice-Chairman of the Board

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